Submissions Guidelines   

For all submissions:
  • Send your submission as one single Word document or PDF.
  • Include your name either in the document name, or as a header.
  • We ask that you wait until you hear back from us to submit again. Please send work no more than twice a year. Multiple submissions beyond two per annum will not be read. Please wait until you hear from us on one submission before you send work in another genre.
  • In your email subject line, please follow this format:
    “Poetry Submission: [Title]”; “Prose Submission: [Title]”; “Annulet: [Text Considered]”; “Comparative: [Title] and [Title]”; “Review: [Title by Author of Book]”, “Comment: [Topic]”, or, finally, “Essay: [Title]”.
  • We aim to have a three month response time. If you have not heard from us, your submission is still under consideration.
  • Simultaneous submissions will be considered. Please indicate if they are in your cover letter.
  • While not essential, you may include a brief bio note with your submission.
  • Once you have reviewed your genre-specific guidelines, send your submission to annuletpoetics@gmail.com.
  • We are currently looking most of all for submissions of annulets, comparatives, comment, or other essays in that order for our spring  launch issue.

  • Please submit up to five poems at a time. Length is as you please.

  • There is no word count minimum. The maximum word count should be within respectful reason. No full-length novels, please.
  • If you are submitting multiple prose pieces, please send no more than three per submission. If your prose pieces are each less than a page, you can submit up to five per submission.
  • In your cover letter, please designate if you consider your piece to be fiction, nonfiction, prose, or something else. Genre fiction would best be sent elsewhere.

  • Poems or prose passages considered may come from any point in the literary record. 
  • You may closely-read translations as long as your annulet considers the text in its original language.
  • Please include a copy, in full, of the text (and its bibliographic information) you are close reading along with your submission, and citations as needed. You may send a scan, screenshot, or other files, as long as they are legible.
  • Your annulet should be no longer than 1500 words, no shorter than 750 words.
  • Our interest is much less piqued by canonical poems, or ultra-famous prose passages, unless you’re here to say something tangy about it. Pieces or selections considered must be published in print or online.
  • Selections from conference papers, talks, and lectures are welcome as long as they are not elsewhere in print.
  • Please include necessary bibliographic information, and use Chicago style for references.

  • These essays may be longer, but no more than 5000 words.
  • Please include necessary bibliographic information, and use Chicago style for references.

Reviews, Paeans, Comment, & Other Essays
We are interested in rigorous reviews that assess a text for its contexts, methods, aesthetic merits or lacunae. No more than 2500 words.

We consider paeans to be essays that can blend memoir, reading experiences, experiences of place or circumstance, or other reflections that discuss what it’s like to be writing in the world. Please send up to 5000 words.

Pieces considered to be a comment include discussion of a timely topic in poetics, or in the literary world. Comment can look like a long Twitter thread realized into an essay. These are not invitations to be underhanded or (needlessly) combative. As long as its exigency is clear, length is negotiable. Comments can be published in sync with ongoing debate, rather than as part of our biannual issues.

If you have other literary essays that fall outside of these categories, query us.

In particular though not exclusively, we are interested in reviews of the following titles:

Katherine Agyemaa Agard, Of Colour. Essay Press (2020)
Kazim Ali, The Voice of Sheila Chandra. Alice James (2020)
Jessica Baer, Midwestern Infinity Doctrine. Apocalypse Party (2021) [review forthcoming]
Claire-Louise Bennett, Checkout 19. Jonathan Cape, Penguin UK (2021)
Susan Bernofsky, Clairvoyant of the Small: The Life of Robert Walser. Yale UP (2021)
Marianne Boruch, The Little Death of Self: Nine Essays toward Poetry. Poets on Poetry Series, University of Michigan Press (2020)
Oni Buchanan, Time Being. Kuhl House Poets, Univesity of Iowa Press (2020)
Marie Buck, Unsolved Mysteries. Roof Books (2020)
Paul Celan, trans Pierre Joris. Memory Rose Into Threshold Speech: The Collected Earlier Poetry. FSG (2020)
Cody-Rose Clevidence, Listen My Friend, This Is The Dream I Dreamed Last Night. The Song Cave (2021)
Jen Craig, Panthers and the Museum of Fire. Zerogram Press (2020)
Sophia Dahlin, Natch. City Lights Publishers (2020) [review forthcoming]
Brian Dillon, Suppose a Sentence. NYRB (2020)
Angel Dominguez, RoseSunWater. The Operating System (2021)
Anne Dufourmantelle, trans. Lindsay Turner. In Defense of Secrets. Fordum UP (2021)
Lucie Elven, The Weak Spot. Soft Skull (2021)
Ben Estes & Joel Weishaus, eds, On The Mesa: An Anthology of Bolinas Writing. The Song Cave, 2021
Shelley Feller, Dream Boat. CSU Poetry Center (2020)
Callie Garnet, Wings in Time. The Song Cave (2021)
Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals. AK Press (2020)
C.R. Grimmer, The Lyme Letters. Texas Tech UP (2021)
Bobbie Louise Hawkins, One Small Saga. Ugly Duckling Presse (1984, reprint 2020)
Lyn Hejinian and Leslie Scalapino, Hearing. Litmus Press (2021)
H.L. Hix, Counterclaims: Poets and Poetries, Talking Back. Dalkey Archive Press (2020)
Jamie Hood, how to be a good girl. Grieveland (2020)
Christine Shan Shan Hou, The Joy and the Terror are Both in the Swallowing. After Hours Editions (2021)
Douglas Kearney, Sho. Wave Books (2021)
John Keene, Punks. The Song Cave (2021)
Karla Kelsey, Blood Feather. Tupelo Press (2020)
Wayne Koestenbaum, The Cheerful Scapegoat: Fables. Semiotext(e) (2021)
Benjamin Krusling, Glaring. Wendy’s Subway (2020) 
Sade LaNay, I Love You and I’m Not Dead. Argos Books (2019)
Clarice Lispector, trans. Stefan Tobler, An Apprenticeship, or The Book of Pleasures. New Directions (2021)
Janice Lee, Imagine a Death. Texas Review Press (2021)
Michael Leong, Contested Records: The Turn to Documents in Contemporary North American Poetry. University of Iowa Press (2020)
Nuala Loges, ONTOLOGIES OF ENVIRONMENTAL COLLAPSE. Inside the Castle (2021)
Aditi Machado, Emporium. Nightboat Books (2020)
Madison McCartha, FREAKOPHONE WORLD. Inside the Castle (2021)
Miranda Mellis, Demystifications. Solid Objects (2021)
Claire Meuschke, Upend. Noemi Press (2020)
Sawako Nakayasu, Say Translation is Art. Ugly Duckling Press (2020)
Uche Nduka, Facing You. City Lights (2020)
Hoa Nguyen, A Thousand Times You Lose Your Treasure. Wave Books (2021)
Hiroko Oyamado, trans. David Boyd, The Hole. New Directions (2020)
Craig Santos Perez, Navigating Chamoru Poetry: Indigeneity, Aesthetics, and Decolonization. University of Arizona Press (Fall 2021)
Isaac Pickell, everything saved will be last. Black Lawrence (2021)
Julie Poole, Bright Specimen. Deep Vellum Books (2021)
Tatiana Ryckman, The Ancestry of Objects. Deep Vellum Books (2020)
Kaia Solveig Preus, The War Requiem. Essay Press (2020)
Kylan Rice, Incryptions. Spuyten Duyvil (2021)
Lauren Russell, Descent. Tarpaulin Sky (2020)
Judith Schalansky, trans. Jackie Smith, An Inventory of Losses. New Directions (2020)
Chet’la Sebree, Field Study. FSG Originals (2021)
Cedar Sigo, Guard the Mysteries. Wave Books (2021)
Ruth Stone, The Essential Ruth Stone. Edited by Bianca Stone. Copper Canyon Press (2020)
Cole Swenson, Art in Time. Nightboat Books (2021)
Vincent Toro, Tertulia. Penguin Random House (2020)
Blanca Varela, trans. Carlos Lara, Rough Song. The Song Cave (2020)
Divya Victor, Curb. Nightboat Books (2021)
Danielle Vogel, Edges & Fray: On Language, Presence, and (Invisible) Animal Architectures. Wesleyan UP (2020)
Asiya Wadud, No Knowledge Is Complete Until It Passes Through My Body.  Nightboat Books (2021)
Catherine Wagner, Of Course. Fence Books (2020)
Nikki Wallschlaeger, Waterbaby. Copper Canyon Press (2021)
Joy Williams, Harrow. Penguin Random House (late 2021)
Can Xue, I Live in the Slums. Yale UP (2020)
Wendy Xu, The Past. Wesleyan UP (late 2021)
Jane Yeh, Discipline. Carcanet (2019)
Timothy Yu, editor. The Cambridge Companion to Twenty-First-Centruy American Poetry. Cambridge UP (2021)
Andrew Zawacki, Unsun : f/11. Coach House Books (2019)
Tracy Zeman, Empire. Parlor Press (2020)
Dora Zhang, Strange Likeness: Description and the Modernist Novel. The Univeristy of Chicago Press (2020)

*This list is often updated, so check back with it occasionally.

If your press would like to send review copies for consideration, please write to the below email address.

Review our guidelines and send your submissions to annuletpoetics@gmail.com.