Annulet: A Journal of Poetics publishes poetry, prose, and literary criticism.


Issue (1) is here.

Among its meanings, an annulet is chiefly a little ring.

As a biannual literary magazine, Annulet seeks to publish poetry that tracks its material nature, whether in language or in form, and prose whose sentences stretch toward, or must be parsed as or with, poetics. We like to read texts that live in between these states (especially for prose) as well as those poems keening closely with their form.

Equally, Annulet seeks dynamic literary criticism. W
e introduce the annulet, or a short form close read, as our form of critique. Scholarly at heart and approachable in practice, these annulets should consider: one poem, or one excerptable prose section. Consider it the cherry of an article, and more fun. Longer form criticism, or comparatives, should consider more than one thing in conjunction with each other.

Along with critical essays, hybrid literary essays, comment on topics in poetics, essays on reading and place, and reviews will also be considered—please find a list of titles of interest included with our submissions information.

Issue (1) of Annulet launched in Spring 2021. We are currently looking for submissions for all future issues, particularly of literary criticism, essays, and reviews.

Send no more than one submission at a time to after reviewing our guidelines. Queries or pitches for literary criticism are welcome.

Annulet is proud to be a member of CLMP.