Call for Submissions: Fiction Folio for Issue (5)

edited by Kelly Krumrie

UPDATE: We are still considering submissions of critical writing on fiction until March 15th!

For Issue 5, we will be featuring works of and on fiction for a special folio curated by contributing editor Kelly Krumrie.

We seek short stories and excerpts from longer works whose sentences stretch toward, or must be parsed as or with, poetics: fiction that renders itself carefully. Works that hover on the edge of prose poetry, where form is greater than or equal to content, but not without clarity, sense, or, dare we say, narrative, are welcome here. Review our prose section for examples or ideas for addition. Submissions might consider or be in the same neighborhood as titles and writers from this list.

As ever, we also seek writing on fiction to be included as part of this folio: annulets (close reads), essays, and reviews, or other discursive assessments.

Please see the submissions page for guidelines, and please be sure to include "Fiction Folio" in your email's subject line. To be considered for this folio, submissions must be received by March 1st, 2023