Issue (6)

Editor’s Note

Three Poems from
“Ludic Loops”
Anne-Lesley Selcer

Birds, Stars, & Insect Wings: Following RoseSunWater by
Angel Dominguez

Jennifer Valdies

Four Poems
Zack Anderson 

Navigating the Revived Lyric of Ed Roberson’s
asked what has changed
Jay Butler

Two Poems
Rushing Pittman

Alexandria Hall

One Must Keep Trying to Make the Unsaid Said: Jorie Graham’s
To 2040 and [To] the Last [Be] Human
Jessica Reed

I Talk With A Mouth That Can’t Get Up 
Whitney Koo

On Dong Li’s
The Orange Tree and the Presence of C.D. Wright

Timothy Leo

Molly Ledbetter

Songs Beyond the Human: On William Carlos Williams, Lorine Niedecker, Paul Celan,
and Ed Roberson

Patrick Morrissey

Three Poems
Óscar Moisés Díaz

Jimin Seo

The Anatomy of Reading: Amalie Smith and Anna R. Winder
David Berridge

A Dyke in Alameda County—or—
The Geographies of
Kay Gabriel’s A Queen in Bucks County

Tori McCandless

Two Poems
Parker Menzimer

Chloe Bliss Snyder

Five Poems from
“Rest House”

Brandon Shimoda

On Stacy Szymaszek’s Famous Hermits
Courtney Bush

On Salamander’s Wool by V. Manuscript
Mike Corrao

Andrew Cantrell

Music at Matt Tierney’s
Cameron Charles Martin

Three Poems
Elaine Kahn

The Zen Garden is
Nice on the Weekends but the Door Will Lock Behind You

Saretta Morgan 

Two Poems 
Maral Taheri trans. Hajar Hussaini

“through words of others”: reflections
upon the Théâtre Typographique
Susan Howe Papers

W. Scott Howard

Five Poems
Patty Nash

N.H. Pritchard’s
Eerie Unsounds

Diana Leca

Interior Distances:
On Patrizia Cavalli’s Objects
Mary Helen Callier

from Sleuth
Andy Sia

Insolvent Flight: Judith Balso, Franco Berardi, & Jeremy Hoevenaar’s
Our Insolvency

Joshua Wilkerson

Two Poems
Justin Greene

“The world enters into us”: On Dan Beachy-Quick and Kylan Rice’s Primer
Jessica Cory


Bark, Archive, Splinter
Jay Gao

Two Poems
Celeste Pepitone-Nahas

On Bob Kaufman’s “Unholy Missions”
Henry Goldkamp

Logical Argument
Lisa Lewis

On a Line from
Larry Levis

Guillermo Rebollo Gil

The Kiss of Sentze
Adalbert Stifter, trans. Aimee Chor

Six Excerpts from
Joan of Arkansas
Milo Wippermann

To Narrate a Life as a Measure of Its Own Living: On Reading Christina Sharpe’s Ordinary Notes
Isaac Pickellty

Abraham Smith

Three Poems
Kristen Steenbeeke

On Possession and Being Possessed:
Writing About Tourette’s Syndrome
Justin Greene

Seven of Dragons
Mildred Kiconco Barya

Last Chance, Train Entering Tunnel
Merrill Gilfillan