V. Joshua Adams: E. E. Cummings, The Enormous Room
Caitlin Alario: Dorothy Chan, BABE
Alexis Almeida: Renee Gladman, Plans for Sentences
Emily Barton Altman: Lisa Fishman, Mad World, Mad Kings, Mad Composition
Mike Corrao: Panteha Abareshi, I am Inside the Body 
Coleman Edward Dues: Marjorie Welish, A Complex Sentence
Michael Flatt: Women in Concrete Poetry: 1959—1979, eds. Alex Balgiu and Monica de la Torre
Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo: Caren Beilin, Revenge of the Scapegoat
Jonathan Gharraie: Roy Fisher, ed. Peter Robinson, The Citizen and the making of City
Katherine Gibbel: Tracy Fuad, about:blank
Emelie Griffin: Arda Collins, Star Lake
Jamila Hourani: Marwa Helal, ante body
Jessica Johnson: Janice Lee, Imagine a Death
Julia Madsen: Jesse K Baer, Midwestern Infinity Doctrine
Austin Miles: Nicole Cecelia Delgado, Islas Adyacentes,trans. Urayoán Noel
Kylan Rice: Aaron Fagan, A Better Place is Hard to Find
Philip Sorenson: Cody-Rose Clevidence, Listen My Friend; This Is The Dream I Dreamed Last Night 
Cary Stough: Julie Doxsee, The Fastening
Adie B. Steckel: Joey Yearous-Algozin, A Feeling Called Heaven

Chloe Xiaong: Chia-Lun Chang, Prescribee