Issue (7)

Editor’s Note

Two Poems 
Emily Hunt

Sounds of Sense: On Anna Mendelssohn’s Archive and a Reading of “A Crash”
George Clutterbuck 

Many People Don’t Know This
Teline Trần

Inter-forms: (Un)making in Charlotte Serre’s
“La Campe”

Josh English

Rare Earths
Eric Amling

The Still Life of Desire: On Lillian Fishman’s Acts of Service and Annie Ernaux’s Simple Passion
Kate Meadows

Two Poems
Kirstin Allio

Voice, Reconsidered:
On Fleur Adcock’s “Poem Ended by a Death”

Robert Johnson

On Landlords and
Other Dispraises
Michael Dowdy

Three Poems
Claudina Domingo, trans. Ryan Greene

Resounding Through Nora Treatbaby’s
Our Air
Lindsey Pannor

On Carolyn Hembree’s For Today
Burnside Soleil

Three Poems
Zan de Parry

1931: from Transcendental Factory for Mina Loy
Karla Kelsey

Two Poems
Teline Trần

Of Edge, Our Depth is in Debt
Rosie Stockton &
Nora Treatbaby

Imagining a Hyperpersonality
Gunnar Wærness, trans.
Sean F. Munro and Liv Munro

Three Poems
Zoë Hitzig

Ambient Beings:
On Gauss PDF, Troll Thread, and Artificial Textual Ecologies

Brandan Griffin

Two Poems
Lauren Camp

from “The Book of Knots”
Paul Cunningham

Clown Poetics: On Hart Crane’s “Chaplinesque”
Henry Goldkamp

‘Daddy’ and Anacrusis: On Langston Hughes’ “Dream Boogie”
Jeremy Michael Reed

Two Poems
Amelia Ada

Five Poems from
“National Lube”

Ryan Skrabalak

The Light That Came
to Lucille Clifton

Kazim Ali

Four Poems 
Kai Ihns

Three Poems from “Burning Sequence”
Laura Jaramillo

On Rennie Ament’s Mechanical Bull
Ariel Yelen

Zach Peckham

The First Sound a Girl Can Make
Si-Min Chong

Two Poems
Michael Buebe 

On Barbara Guest’s Orchid Attention
Anna Zumbahlen

Against Picasso:
On Courtney Bush’s
I Love Information

Erick Verran


Two Poems
Rodrigo Toscano

Four Poems
Lív Maria Róadóttir Jæger
trans. Brad Harmon

Zan de Parry

On Danielle Dutton’s Prairie, Dresses, Art Other
Dan Irving

Amie Zimmerman

On Leia Penina Wilson’s #mercy#mercy#mercy
Andrea Quaid

from Monoculture
Travis Sharp
An Open Convergence: On Fiction 2009–2023 
Jonathan Gharraie

No one taught me how
to play Chicken Foot Dominoes

Michael Salu

Jack Sharpless
Patrick Morrissey

Two Poems
Margaret Yapp

On Frank O’Hara’s Cornkind
Samuel Ernest

Note on Process
Nora Treatbaby &
Rosie Stockton

No Memory is the
Same Seen Twice:
On Joyelle McSweeney’s Death Styles
Mike Corrao

Hyperpersonality in
the Antipoem: friends with everyone by Gunnar Wærness
Sean F. Munro

Three Poems
Ryan Clark

Sydney S. Kim

Happy Birthday,
Don’t Die

Darcie Dennigan

Five Antediluvian Sonnets
Laynie Browne