Issue (2)

Editor’s Note

Vermont Notebook
Lara Mimosa Montes

Three Poems
Yongyu Chen

Wendell Berry Peace Disintegrator Pistol
Joe Hall

On George Oppen:
A Language of
New York

Hilda Morley

Two Poems
Ellen Welcker

from A roundtable, unanimous dreamers chime in
Janice Lee & Brenda Iijima

Two Poems
Jaydn DeWald

Five Poems
Kim Sowol trans.
Jack Jung

Three Poems
Robin Myers

On Lisa Fishman’s Mad World, Mad Kings, Mad Composition
Emily Barton Altman

Three Poems
Shira Dentz

from “Comma Poems”: On José García Vílla
Leon Barros

Two Poems
AM Ringwalt

Jacqueline Kari

Speaking a Cemetery in Alice Oswald's Memorial and Homer's Iliad
Olivia Milroy Evans

Death Styles 8.31
Joyelle McSweeney

Two Poems
Will Russo

Allison Hummel

On “Switch”: Sophia Dahlin’s Impossible Possible
Emily Bark Brown

from Nevertheless
Jared Daniel Fagen

Three Poems
Adele Elise Williams

from Acacia, a Book of Wonders
Vincent James

Flesh with Thicket Wonder: Reading besmilr brigham
C.T. Salazar

Two Poems
Mary Cisper

On U.S. Highway 62
mónica teresa ortiz

Two Poems
Joseph Goosey

Two Poems
CL Young

Association and Desire in Brigit Pegeen Kelly’s “Blacklegs”
Mary Helen Callier

Vanishing Clarity
Brandon Shimoda

Jon Conley

Calling Ghost: On Kim Sowol, Translation, and the Soul of Poetry
Jack Jung

Three Poems
Carey McHugh

from Silts 
Jed Munson

Declarative Nets: On Listen My Friend; This Is the Dream I Dreamed Last Night by Cody-Rose Clevidence
Philip Sorenson

Two Poems
Connor Fisher

Sculpture Garden
Zoe Darsee

Three Poems
Marlanda Dekine

Some Thoughts on the Monostich
S. Yarberry

Five Poems
C. Violet Eaton

About Tracy Fuad’s about:blank
Katherine Gibbel

On “Death Styles”:
A Précis

Joyelle McSweeney

Two Poems
Ellen Boyette

The Waylayer
Brandon Rushton

Who’s Afraid of the Cumulative Sentence?
On Janice Lee’s Imagine a Death

Jessica Johnson 

from Plague Nights
G.C. Waldrep