In Which I Send Fan Mail To Your .Gov Account


                             @ the end of the soil regime.
There's nothing homeopathic about this.
                            - pathic, sure.
                  - homeo, maybe.
          Any wisdom has retreated to Rogue River
                      and since caught fire
                         along with every friend,
                                        every shelter,
                              craft lager, vague edifice
                                            memorializing the end
                              of general disenchantment.
                    What snow didn’t get born this year!
     Why not skip that ridiculous court date
                  & become your own lover?
                                           I dreamt my Ponzi grew
                      thoroughly toppled.
                                 Young sir you
                heading out this fucking door
with that confession on your face?
                         If not for the ‘04 / ‘76  Philly Flyers
                     I’m not sure, Nuisance,
          how I’d ever get outta this vice.
                  Let alone the neighborhood.
       O, just leave that neighborhood alone.
               They’re surely out to—
                             nvm, Maddie,
                keep kneading that hot clay.
                          Ever throttle so hard
        on your fresh kill you
                         razed morning anew?

Joseph Goosey is the author of the chapbook STUPID ACHE (Greybook Press, 2013) and one full length collection of poems, Parade Of Malfeasance (EMP Books, 2020). He lives in North Carolina.