Period, Perspiring

If only I could / find a lulla- / by in- / side a bell
If only I could / find a garden / when
the bath / is full / of water

O sensitive bell / ringing only / when
the water it / turns hot

Bell that tells / me when to sink / my body
deep in / pearl-sweat


Bath where no / hand reaches
Bell / my song / it



If only I could / find a clock / of water
If only time / pooled out / be- / fore me

If only I could / plunge the clock / into the bath
And bleed / right in- / to time


If only I could / find a hill to / climb
Green and green- / er still

Soaked in pearl-/ sweat / and clothed / in ivy
Or hiding / behind deer


If only I could find / a window to peer / through,
and / ivy snaking / up

If only pearls like / milk pre- / served, like / tears
up- / on the sea


The texture of / blood up- / on my leg, / small and
small- / est pearl

AM Ringwalt is a writer and musician. The author of The Wheel (Spuyten Duyvil), she is a contributing blogger for Action Books. Her writing appears in Music & Literature, La Vague and Black Warrior Review. Called "ghostly" by American Songwriter, Waiting Song is her most recent record.