Brenda incandescent in her tube top
saying ‘hi, what’s your problem?’

she and her girlfriend are
in love, and also are
                          becoming tree

we could all      know that
winnowing       space-dust microbe
on        the       breeze!

Lean you back,             recast you a
shelf of chaga,              a touch

like agate distorting pleasantly
the paean of the gates  of paradise

it’s azure, synthy,        procreative
of a swooping thorax, and        I

can almost follow the ‘s’ of the
cognate                like a goaded snake

from warm place / to warm place
smearing unguents        getting
lit                     emitting low smolder

Allison Hummel is based in Los Angeles. Her work has recently appeared in Figure 1, Landlocked, new sinews and The Meadow. Work is forthcoming from JMWW.