Issue (3)

Editor’s Note


JD Pluecker

Two Poems
Sarah Sgro

Janalyn Guo

Three Photographs of Madeline Gins (1955)
Lucy Ives

Three Anagram Sonnets
Trevor Ketner

On Linda Gregg's
“The Calves Not Chosen”

Issam Zineh

Two Poems
Nicole Stockburger

Letters to Forrest Bess
JD Pluecker

On Emily Wilson’s “Nocturne”
Margaret Ronda

Early April (a dream about your shoes)
Willa Smart

Three Poems
Matt Broaddus 

Two Poems
Sara Gilmore

Spring Pools
Scout Katherine Turkel

Night with Objects:
A Complex Sentence About  Marjorie Welish’s
A Complex Sentence
Coleman Edward Dues

Sneha Subramanian Kanta

A Point
Nathan Dragon

Tongue, Remember
Julián David Bañuelos

Sans X: [a catalogue
of missed connections]

Kyra Simone

Two Poems
Callie Garnett

Two Poems
R. Sam Ross

The Iterative
of Juan José Saer

Kelly Krumrie

Why Did I Say Yes
Darcie Dennigan

Two Poems
Kylan Rice

On Irena Klepfisz’s “Bashert”
Genta Nishku

Five Poems
Timmy Straw

Three Poems

Then A Fly Appeared: The Aesthetics of Buzzing Lyrics
Isabel Sobral Campos

Four Poems
Buck Downs

Three Poems
Olivia Muenz

The Drag of Erasure
Erik Fuhrer

Two Poems
Kelly Clare

On Gregory Pardlo’s “Allegory”
Guillermo Rebollo Gil

Three Poems
Jake Fournier

Two Poems
Ashley Colley

Butter Sunday
Gabrielle Octavia Rucker

Peter Mishler

from But Also This: Correspondences for Etel
David Buuck

“We insist on having fun at the most inopportune times”
Buck Downs

Twice-lost, or, Some reflections on First World, Pith Helmet, Raft
Matt Broaddus

Two Poems
Dennis James Sweeney

Missing the Forest for the Forest
V. Joshua Adams

Five Poems
Jahan Khajavi

Two Poems
Brenda Coultas