Spring Pools

My friend notices
The total sky.

I will not mention
Who first thought so.

I will mention my friend,
Because he noticed it,

"The total sky almost without defect."
Trees fraction the clouds,

Clouds devise heaven.
Am I allowed? He asks.

He is sweet to ask.
He composes a circle

Around my parts.
When I imagine

My parts I cannot
Take anything

Any more. The sky deflects
For fun.

It is my first facilitation.
My friend takes anything.

The portrait of his "fat cock"
Was taken. I refused the job.

It seemed gay to look.
We had a nautical dream.

I do dream with him,
On occasion.

The flowers reduced by water.
The water reduced by flowers.

In snow melt
Routine stoppage

Bores me. To tolerate
This effeminate form

I am told to look away.
I take the camera.

It's not a power thing.
This app cannot measure that,

The production of shade.
It quantifies the clouds

Though not their effect.
Shadows tint the land

But not the earth.
I borrow from him

Often though irregularly.
I fix his name, but I regret it.

His name is so beautiful.
In the nautical dream,

Separation ceased.
Water rounded out distinction.

Water abolished distinction,
My expression over his a single world.


The title "Spring Pools" is after Robert Frost's "Spring Pools."

The quoted line, "The total sky almost without defect" is from Robert Frost's "Spring Pools."

Scout Katherine Turkel is from California. Scout's poetry can be found in Oversound, Tagvverk, bæst: a journal of queer forms & affects, and elsewhere.