Issue (1)

Editor’s Note

On Elizabeth Bishop’s “Vague Poem [Vaguely Love Poem]”
Kelly Krumrie

Three Poems
Jane Huffman

The Dogs Woke Me Up 
Marty Cain

On Craig Santos Perez: Tidal Lingualism
Orchid Tierney

by Friederike Mayröcker, translated by Donna Stonecipher. An appreciation.

Karla Kelsey

Chains of Sayings:
On Paul Celan’s
“I heard it said,” translated by Pierre Joris
Patty Nash

Three Poems
Andrew Seguin

Four Poems
Tasia Trevino

Oscillating Fan: Statements on Rural Poetics
Justin Cox

from Blood Jelly and Another Way To Tell It
Kiley McLaughlin

November Notebook (2018)
Daniel Poppick

Geology Mythology: Theano Point and the Poetics of Time and Matter
Tracy Zeman

and the Vortex of Experience in Jesse 
K Baer’s Midwestern Infinity Doctrine

Julia Madsen

Three Poems

Alyssa Perry

Bhanu Kapil’s Schizophrene: Disability and a Diasporic “Break”
C.R. Grimmer

Two Poems
Lindsey Webb 

I Have Been Asked to Leave the Cemetery
Pete Segall

Two Poems
Claire Meuschke

“This resonant, strange, vaulting roof”: Contemporary Sonnets Beyond Iambic Pentameter
Anna Lena Phillips Bell

Afterhex 1
Shane McCrae

Auspices 31-34
Summer J. Hart

Three Poems
Aaron McCollough

Three Poems
Gabriel Palacios

Four Poems
Alicia Mountain

On Dirt and Dora
Rachel Feder

Another Inscrutable House
Rose McLarney

Dugan’s Marks

Graham Foust

from Tire Fire
Justin Cox

Two Poems
Rachel Franklin Wood

The Object-of-Power: On Panteha Abareshi’s 
I Am Inside The Body

Mike Corrao

A Poetics of Resistance: On Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and Women of Action in Early Colonial Mexico
Khadijah Queen

Three Poems
Matthew Moore

from The Manifold
Cass Eddington

Dana Ward’s “The Squeakquel”: Or, the Kind of Email I Mean
Peter Myers

No Good Grief: Ecstatic Counter-Mapping Amongst Usable Facts
Knar Gavin

Pain and Repetition
Kelly Hoffer

from: The Book of Perihan
Sara Deniz Akant

Shane McCrae’s “Hex”
Anastasios Karnazes

My City
Lu Feng

On Aaron Fagan’s A Better Place is Hard to Find
Kylan Rice

Two Prose Pieces; Two Poems
Jesse K Baer

On Women in Concrete Poetry: 1959—1979
Michael Flatt

Three Poems
Katie Naughton

Two Poems
Daniel Schonning