Scuffed—cut me like a knife

Bury the anchor
signal jamming, the creek beds
follow the dusty light

Pulsating niches recessed
slid rivulets trace
vestiges envisaged
Yr vibrating
glitter corollas unfurl
aureate emissaries
finger mssgs deliver
congealing speech
burning rivers
shimmer incommensurate
mending gutter time
Take the Ravaged
advantage in the desert
denuded strip the bulb

Cuneiform borders
ink in their only
accents—external variables

tears the self flakes
consecrated turf
with crystal antlers
water shed sidereous
jettisoned, the counter weighted
World a pointillist
reduction you grow
solvent gaining land
acred throbs, the anchors
Yr crystalline thought
isoline events, everyone was inside
The weather

Drugged in my arms
Yr a meteorological condition—burn the chemical
symbols, interceding dictions
this grace to be
all of a mist

indefinite points
leverage to rise
green hills the crest
signals haunted
by lines
caption yr intersections
gravitated—reversible sides
don’t correlate the remainder
A prospective field
sunlight drudge edifice
a death drive
throttles the reverse
effervesces? Skim the lake
topped by infernos
We’re revolting in the mirror
rim marginalia negates

Absorption bands
broadcast the black box
elegy     re cyclical
wind mills a second
life animals murmur
drowned dreaming
chased by clues
areferential fields foison
battle holds the aleatory
vivid static clung
losing its even-edge
fizz seeds fringe    open

Peripheral vibrations
migratory patterns
flockback sinking ships

transude solitude
hymnodies expend
Yr body beginning to

Stamens fragility threads
an illusion of fall
Down the Reincarnate
dawn    fingers

Jesse K Baer received their MFA from Brown University in 2017. They were born in GA and grew up beneath southern power plants. They have a poetry chapbook with Magic Helicopter Press (Holodeck One, 2017), a science fiction chapbook with Essay Press (At One End, 2020), and a full-length with Apocalypse Party (Midwestern Infinity Doctrine, 2021). They have been included in journals such as Prelude, Pinwheel, Bathhouse, Baest, The Tiny, and Bone Bouquet. They love horses.