Filling Station

“ Oh but it is    a doily    a big dim doily
Draping a taboret    a big hirsute begonia    a green line frayed
Why oh why    daisy stitch with marguerites    the doily
The doily    with the daisy   who can say    softly   “ the daisy   
Can say    softly    quick and saucy    say   o–o–o    “ oil had spread
A rainbow    a    so so so     rainbow rainbow rainbow

Somebody loves    like the tipping of an object toward the light
The daisy    softly    to say softly    so that they       
Can say softly    victory     so so    oftly    victory    
Like fine rosettes    like full-blown roses    like a pink big peony
The little rented    pool of bilge   
Carefuls    its soft  irises “ “ “”””””””””””””””””””””  

Alyssa Perry's recent writing appears in The Canary, Denver Quarterly, Poetry Northwest, and Yalobusha Review. She is the assistant editor at Rescue Press and teaches creative writing in Cleveland.