Out of Earth


The figure appeared out of the ribcage     of a tree
where we were crouched in the ferns.     They were
vacillating between dark and light     and between
muscular and slender. We love     crouching in ferns
and feeling a desire to merge in the leaf mold with
earth underneath | while beholding such a figure.

We love the feeling of richness. It feels like biting

into a pear picked from our own orchard. We love

holding our hands in front of our faces in sunlight
The figure that appeared out of the ribcage of a
tree seems to be connected to the sunlight but in
ways more substantial than every other thing or
person. The figure was so full of light that the ferns
doubled in size | as we each became real doubles.

Nathan Spoon is an autistic poet with learning disabilities and author of The Importance of Being Feeble-Minded (forthcoming in the Propel Disability Poetry Series). His poems appear or are forthcoming in American Poetry Review, Bennington Review, Gulf Coast, Poetry, Poetry Daily, The Southern Review, and swamp pink, as well as the anthologies The American Sonnet: And Anthology of Poems and Essays, How to Love the World: Poems of Gratitude and Hope, and The Wonder of Small Things: Poems of Peace and Renewal. He is editor of Queerly.