With a kind of treelike virtue
I sent my soldiers to your side

Pregnant once a year 
For the sake of losing what’s mine

Posthole diggers dig post holes

Shimmering lights suggest the spiritual 
Filmic befriending of violence

What occurs: cutaway freedom
Staged in the wolf den coup

My enemy wraps life in death cloth
I trundle behind making snips where I can

Admit it—the gore makes sense
Bleeders are the best friends 

Break it like a hook

Like a waxwing in a dogwood
Sentimental and pink

Like the loss of body
Is the only real loss

Amie Zimmerman is from Portland, OR. Her work has been published, or is forthcoming, in Denver Quarterly, Prelude, Protean, Lana Turner, and mercury firs, among others. She is the author of four chapbooks, including Compliance (Essay Press) and, with artist Samantha Wall, the collaboration 31 Days/The Self (Ursus Americanus). Currently, Amie lives in upstate NY where she works as a hairstylist, labor organizer, and PhD student. Alongside Hajar Hussaini and Matthew Klane, she curates the poetry and performance series Salon Salvage. And forever, free Palestine.