Moon Face



we run from the check at dinner
into a movie theater with modern
seats like sculptures

as the three protagonists
hold hands a fireball engulfs them
and the Earth 
and we who have known the
end from the first     weep 
the three of us holding hands 

across the seats I turn to
you and say finally a film where 
a depressed woman stars 
in the end of the world

what cleaves us 
this mantilla of doubt that any-
thing can be without 

Laura Jaramillo is a poet and critic. Born to Colombian parents in Queens, New York, she now lives in Durham, North Carolina. Her books include Material Girl (subpress, 2012) and Making Water (Futurepoem, 2022). She holds a PhD in critical theory from Duke University. She co-runs the North Carolina-based reading and performance series Paradiso.