Issue (5)

Editors’ Note

Three Poems
Logan Fry

On Caren Beilin’s Revenge of the Scapegoat
Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo

Two Poems
Anne Marie Rooney

On Marwa Helal’s
Ante body

Jamila Hourani

Stella Corso

to try tracing it now
is a mistake

Mackenzie Kozak

Wearing My Black Trenchcoat to the Embankment of Eternity: On Bohumil Hrabal’s The Gentle Barbarian, trans. Paul Wilson
Darcie Dennigan

Two Poems  
Elijah Jackson

Out of Earth
Nathan Spoon

On Chia-Lun Chang’s Prescribee
Chloe Xiang

Two Poems
Rennie Ament

The Purse Seiner
Matt Poindexter 

Three Poems
John Bosworth 

After Alice
Aimee Wright Clow

Lyric Gesture
Raymond de Borja

Three Poems
Margaret Saigh

Lauren Shapiro

from “Land mouth”
Imani Elizabeth Jackson

Two Poems
Kristi Maxwell

Five Poems from I Must Hold These Strangers (1980)
Sandra Lynn

Mitchell Glazier

Igor Gulin Does Not Have a Story To Tell You
Igor Gulin &
Ainsley Morse

Three Poems
Adam Clay

excerpt from >SHE
Dot Devota

Two Poems
Tahjia Brantley

Madeleine Crum

‘What happens if
you touch the hind?’: Transformation
and Touch in
Richie Hofmann’s
“Blue Anther”

Bellee Jones-Pierce

Fiction Folio, edited by Kelly Krumrie: 
Callum Angus, Alex Toy, Miranda Mellis, Mark Mayer, Yanara Friedland, Amanda Goldblatt, Rowland Saifi, Jace Brittain, Jessica Reed, Ian U. Lockaby

Can the Circle Be Unbroken: Susan Howe’s Ghostly Grand Collage
John Bosworthr

Four Poems
Monroe Lawrence

Three Poems
Alana Solin

The Poem Beside Itself: On Leslie Scalapino’s “Friendship”
Bevin O’Connor

Three Poems
Sarah Edwards

[I heard a blue cooing, like]
Christine Kwon


Two Poems 
Robert Fernandez

On Trying to Recite Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73 To My Unborn Daughter
Toby Altman

Fragments from LIL LOAF OF BREAD: twenty fourteen prose
Igor Gulin, trans.
Timmy Straw, Ainsley Morse, et al 

“Face Like a Star”: 
On Arda Collins’
Star Lake

Emelie Griffin

By the River Neckar
David Capps

On Marlen Haushofer’s
The Wall

Kate Colby

Plain Thwart: On
The Reckoning of Jeanne d’Antietam
Matthew Moore

On Vijay Seshadri’s
“The Disappearances”

Divyasri Krishnan

Three Poems
Bill Carty

“a place where silence and wind abound”: On Nicole Cecilia Delgado’s islas adyacentes, trans. Urayoán Noel
Austin Miles

Three Poems
Jessica Laser 

Three Proems
Kim Hyesoon, trans.

Jack Jung

On Don Mee Choi’s “Wings of Return”
Ruby Wang

Four Poems 
Sophia Terazawa

from The Garden: Section 5 (oftening, over-and-overing, aftering)
Julie Carr

Lake Effect
Sarah J. Sloat