from “Ludic Loops”


The front of the dream

is blown off

leaving the picture like a giant sunspot

at the back of the dream

I reach into language and I find nothing

a new building, an empty swimming pool

I crouch in this privacy

a generalized infinity

entrained in the rhythm of the monthly rent

sovereign as a mother.

There’s a gold and pink shadow

a second rate infinity

at the back of the scene

wood, bamboo, parchment, pear tree

apple tree, apple

metal, diamond, horsehair, milk

a murmur, not a grammar

not the singular story of the sun

an enchantment, a rejoinder.

Anne Lesley Selcer is a poet making art. Their books include Sun Cycle, winner of The First Poetry Book Award, Blank Sign Book, essays on art + politics, and several limited editions including from A Book of Poems on Beauty, winner of the Gazing Grain award. Recent work has screened, exhibited and been performed at the Athens Film Festival, Artists’ Television Access, Berkeley Art Museum, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Krowswork, and other spaces. They have written for museums or gallery catalogs, work most recently appearing in the Drawing Room (London) catalog On Figure/s: Drawing After Bellmer. They are guest editing a sound issue of Tagvverk poetry magazine to be released this Fall.