[I heard a blue cooing, like]


I heard a blue cooing, like
pigeon, blue leaves like
pink veins,
black fur, guttural, like
were you thinking 
about me?
at all, like
it’s getting dark so early, like seven, not
the cool night air is there, like
the cool night air is a text from god
the cool night air is there, like a silk slip,
the cool night air there like
I’m going to jump your bones later
you leaned in to say it
and the room was like
I put on glasses, like
it was cold that night, like
I was wearing a black dress
against the wall.
the room dark
the light on 
in the hall 
like do you think.
of that at all
when you step out
into winter
and shiver
like the cool night air is there like the cool night air
enters a room 
like a long arm
a cold hand like
I dig into the bed
but you’re only in my head


Christine Kwon is the author of A Ribbon the Most Perfect Blue (Southeast Missouri State University Press), which won the Cowles Poetry Book Prize and debuts in spring 2023. Her poems are forthcoming in Copper Nickel, The Tusculum Review and The Xavier Review. She lives in New Orleans, where she serves as literary editor of Tilted House. Find her work on christinekwonwrites.com or follow her on Instagram @theschooloflonging.