Complete light 3

or rather as
in the method of

a crane’s
movement as

avian and
between two

ports identified
by movement rather

than size when catalytic
converter theft

rises for several
reasons like the “Hidden

Hills socialite”
grinning heavy beneath the

archway between two
arcs branched out & bridging

the archway or rather
as between two

arcs & underneath which
presents a calling, a stir, a method of viewing

the distance between two points released
from their distance when seeing one

day early the great hills spilling downwards
away from me, from the clientele

and from the accountants, the mysteries
to which my fate is resigned, the cold

distance away from
me or between two, said

someone, even while
aligned between


Elijah Jackson is a poet based between Berlin and New York, where he is an incoming MFA candidate at NYU. Recently his poetry has been published by or is forthcoming in fieldnotes, 1080press, KeithLLC and others.