To Sneak, To Worship

(Take 7)   

So much treading water, Tim’s renditions
of the siren, it slips my mind to think
of crab coaxed from the cove,
Noli me tangerine      midwinter

leaking from the branches—
Today the light “sees such a non-seeing”
that everything     sends me
to stitches, photo of David

who threaded his lips, volition,
an almost drowned-out
song that goes

man   Thank the hatchet
man   Thank the mountain
Amber kettle      door-snow
once the tongue is two

& two, bent chords
flower spokes
in ruins you said

of dreaming of,
playing hidden,
rank the pits

John Bosworth is a writer from west Texas. He is the recipient of the 2018 Most Promising Young Poet Award from the Academy of American Poets, & a recent graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He lives in Philadelphia.