A thin dirty kibble spindles 
The barn, disrobing 

Calicos of the scalding milk bucket.
Jelly stains pill on soft 

Blue linen. 
A cockfight cinnamon life. 

The man christens a self
Heathcliff XXL, virally. 

A velveteen rabbit lines 
The Watcher in leather fog. 

Cruel literature 
Of the grey gable. 

My homosexual blond chime.
Cruel saltine sash, beheaded tortoise. 

Fussy pocket of rat’s mane. 
Folly smears & mallow toast. 

Little muzzled archangels 
An erotic war. 

Witch hazel, laxatives, 
Pink hook soup.

Territorial pissings clog
The vanity sink.

I am your unpierced hole
Sir of the Six Easy Payments

In the rusted musket’s 
Corner, stall boys drip coil.

Cradle tunes to the avenue of gold shops.
The piercing gun’s stippled hum.

Mitchell Glazier  is a writer from West Virginia. He holds an MFA in poetry from Columbia University, where he was a teaching fellow. His poetry has appeared in Washington Square, The Cortland Review, Tupelo Quarterly, and elsewhere. He lives in New York City