Holy Momoko


Call it Ewige Kunst
that song that garbage trucks play in Taiwan
I pick a spot+build a city of pleasure
a piano plays it offstage in Chekhov
kinda how I’ve felt during sex for years now
settling the score
licking nipples
jazzy rendition
when he begins to reciprocate
the piano stops
a lamp cord for makeshift S&M
lamp still plugged in
why is fucking best half-dressed
philosophy best explored in softcore
waxplay candle resembles dynamite
all the insect POV subway commutes of my 20’s
soundtracked by this Yamashita piano quintet
view of a face through red rope diagonals
running away sounds like tap dancing
Chopin during the sixtynining sounds like
Cy Twombly’s bad handwriting
the way they both spit it out like toothpaste
if the sun is clouded in a dream
health will be eclipsed so
more reason to keep falling asleep on my right side

Óscar Moisés Díaz is a poet-astrologer and film curator. Currently, they serve as a Contributing Editor for Asphalte Magazine and a Poetry in Translation Editor for Fence. They were a 2020-2021 Inaugural Curatorial Fellow at the Poetry Project as a member of Tierra Narrative. Recently they completed a writing residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts under the mentorship of Eileen Myles. Other recent poems can be found in Schlag Magazine, A Gathering of the Tribes, the tiny, and Scalawag Magazine.