Innocence test


Angels share a common mouth

where they go their organs overlap
organs not truly without borders

borders keep the edges neat

refrigerator keeps the meat
keeps the sweet cream cold and fresh

baby wants to read the book again

the coyote is swallowing the flea
the flea is swallowing the blood

the blood that keeps the organs good

the laughing kids
light the fuse and ran away

from the Black Cat’s bang and the red

paper wrapper
disheveled like a puppet with a busted limb

a ballerina’s heart-shaped bodice

above a labyrinth of tulle
her body stirs a story

where a swan where a beggar

release their souls
to a fierce and immediate world

Sara Wainscott is the author of Insecurity System (Persea, 2020). She lives outside Chicago. www.sarawainscott.com.