a doll is in the house crumbling to its knees wide open to the embroidery of

flame I walk to & fro, limelight shining on gravestones, stuck

burning is an emotion meant to make you aware of something, a connection not possible
for artificial intelligence

I don’t 
how to cite 
wants in 
a way 
  that others 
will fly 

in a field far from human noise, comfortable, everyday flames would shorten

time to re-arrange these blocks into a new invention

barring is a stand-out word, shielding one’s provisional return to a meadow

making is 
  an emotion
meant to 
 cite my 
  wants in 
a field 
  far from 
human not possible by artificial intelligence

Shira Dentz is the author of five books including SISYPHUSINA (PANK, 2020), winner of the Eugene Paul Nassar Prize 2021, and two chapbooks. Her writing appears in many venues including Poetry, American Poetry Review, Cincinnati Review, Iowa Review, Gulf Coast, jubilat, Lana Turner, Denver Quarterly, Colorado Review, Diagram, New American Writing, Poets.org, and NPR, and she’s a recipient of awards from the Academy of American Poets and Poetry Society of America. More at www.shiradentz.com