Instead of Keys Back

Sal my landlord                           anything more
wouldn’t let me pay                     you don’t owe
for changing the locks                 this is just part of it
when I asked                                threshold he said
he didn’t ask why                         on his knees and
on his knees and                           he didn’t ask why
threshold he said                          when I asked
this is just part of it                     for changing the locks
you don’t owe                               wouldn’t let me pay
anything more                              Sal my landlord

Alicia Mountain’s debut collection, High Ground Coward (Iowa 2018), won the Iowa Poetry Prize. She is also the also of Four in Hand (BOA Editions, forthcoming Spring 2023) and the digital chapbook, Thin Fire (BOAAT Press). Mountain was a Clemens Doctoral Fellow at the University of Denver and is the 2020-21 Artist in Residence at the University of Central Oklahoma. She is a lesbian poet, based in New York City.