Tumbleweed Tuesday

saw my own nipples in the clear bay water at lunch break

saw the minnows sprint like a playground horde toward a slide

saw sky and my coworker beneath sky then her head beneath surface sunglasses and all

sunday had been home brunch and talk of an adjunct union and tangerine juice

labor day I signed a new bad lease sold my self-respect a little more for no equity

day after and the farm customers are supposed to be in a seasonal slowing down period

you can buy yourself an extra five minutes returning with iced coffee for everyone

then cutting down weeds grown to itching trees against the afternoon

afternoon and I’m not so irritable in open space hourly and manual laboring

I intend to shower off the sand and soil spend my night on the phone working on love

something heals when you start keeping swimsuit bottoms around

all my organs have been thanking me lately and I want to thank them back

Alicia Mountain’s debut collection, High Ground Coward (Iowa 2018), won the Iowa Poetry Prize. She is also the also of Four in Hand (BOA Editions, forthcoming Spring 2023) and the digital chapbook, Thin Fire (BOAAT Press). Mountain was a Clemens Doctoral Fellow at the University of Denver and is the 2020-21 Artist in Residence at the University of Central Oklahoma. She is a lesbian poet, based in New York City.