A green forever

I. & the lake
wants you back
a green forever
the self avulsed    chunks
the plate       fragments

a funeral of my brain
red eye: desire
slaughter—you came back
festering debris
eddies with the nothing

to what the river spoke
a spate running in / to
& from my posies, I could
re mourn You
—inter fingers the shelf

revelations under ground
-water, a sonorous
precipitant—mangled precipices lapse

inside the sea

III. Synthesizing windows
orchestrate to be
on the constellated side
edge harmonized—depth is tinder
smoke disappearing once

remote guidance the thunder
—erased beside the sea
tidal columns re
agents of despair
parabolic mirrors

understanding yr bent with
its tension rechords     the seen

strange fire it loves
to fossilize: sound

defibrillating analogies

demiurge You nervures
encapsulated me
the end: frags in
tangled sheets
of music, so much
rattled tape

When I speak      encaustic plates
telemetry         measures yr mirror
shattered semblances, tacitwhen
cadent   evacuate the seen

slated contingency
yr bitumen? My cartilage
strew    its distillate
disgorges spectroscopy
waves were standing
forests grind      without tangency

the equinoctial reach
for me, threads don't
disseminate toosoon, I'll come

IV. calling just to say

I found my heart it's
a horse's heart     inbedrock

prostrate be forehind
leg death, prop fet

in excurrency, a wheel's
revolving panoply
forms bury
the rollercoaster
my heart is
fecund predation
feeds there
is an osculating self
minerals face recondite
expressions pluriform You

magnetic remnants
alluvial fans pressed
a part—outgoing
way signs

I'll re
miss you

V. Yr radio
active decay yr half
alive, the other
edge waves over
turn, still mouths
I find You     asking catechisms
declivities untraced—
godlike craters

moments when fate splits
and when you know
a bear trap in the shape of your heart:
eating time

oneiric, the face light palms /was already in the desert
when I found you

in bodies, meet at the site
of contamination, a negative infinity 

for the self
immolated fibers
threadlike being
containers displaced
the stars—beneath yr feet
break: fire

V. who is singing in my dreams
of avalanches—verisimilitude

& I'll re

Jesse K Baer received their MFA from Brown University in 2017. They were born in GA and grew up beneath southern power plants. They have a poetry chapbook with Magic Helicopter Press (Holodeck One, 2017), a science fiction chapbook with Essay Press (At One End, 2020), and a full-length with Apocalypse Party (Midwestern Infinity Doctrine, 2021). They have been included in journals such as Prelude, Pinwheel, BathhouseBaest, The Tiny, and Bone Bouquet. They love horses.