JOAN is alone
on stage
in the woods

They’re holding
a bucket of water

                                       The Warmth                
            sucking the wet out of every flood-stain
            in town              It’s extra humid this year
            like the flood never left               just
            its form                                       like we’ll
                                       breathe it all
                                       in all spring
                           our town’s drying up but
            Mom’s ranger uniform is sweaty after work
            Our pores open and drip out
                                       The Arkansas River
            My face in every drop of it
            The Angels said something about
            immolation       but I think
            They must         have meant
            Ascension         to heaven          my face
            as a bunch of pixels


Milo Wipperman is a writer in New York. They are the author of Joan of Arkansas (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2023), a queer drama about climate catastrophe, internet fame, and political divinity. A winner of a 2023 Whiting Award in poetry and drama, Wippermann has an MFA from Brown University and is working on their first novel.