Opennes of Comets


A forelight’s radiation (seeing them after you echoes your forgiveness)

In the comfortable bed it draws from the room’s share of nature

A year from now or less than

In the crane of my neck it thinks itself and others

New configurations reduplicate the old, the descending hints of sun

Tears in canvaslight they could feel each other up by the rims of their fine shoes

Their thing about discretion, its backseat of regret

Time is a gossamer thread left in its truer sense untouched

The needlework fields its endings

The wish, lodged in miscommunication, if unknown to you, is reasonable now

Riley Ratcliff is a writer from San Antonio, Texas (Yanaguana). They currently live on Narragansett land in Providence, Rhode Island, where they are an MFA student at Brown University. Recent work can be found in Poetry Northwest, Fence, Two Peach, Raleigh Review, TYPO, and elsewhere - ourcorrespondence (at) protonmail (dot) com.