Opennes of Comets


The minus, grown from sky with face of clouds, with a primary exemption

Saddened in terms of emotion, but of thought

In grief and desperation, where in word is reprieve that codes the world

Their broken shin responds to the bond-cloth of wind

An unsexed and fruiting tree

A bush with associated pain recalled by the meeting of their two eyes

To learn from what you learn from me

The blossom’s weal is sizeable, thus subject to an analytic ardor

They are the compositional flourish of an imaginary crime, dear blossom

As the purse mouths the felicitous edge of daylight, the red-leather painted stone

(To learn what you unlearn from me

Riley Ratcliff is a writer from San Antonio, Texas (Yanaguana). They currently live on Narragansett land in Providence, Rhode Island, where they are an MFA student at Brown University. Recent work can be found in Poetry Northwest, Fence, Two Peach, Raleigh Review, TYPO, and elsewhere - ourcorrespondence (at) protonmail (dot) com.