daisy fan
fanged daisy
noisy fangled daisy

once I spoke in truism
now the light in me
learns the

daisy pattern
of thee overhead
static fan its corolla

of chipboard-cum-
cherry patina its

girders to wit its
sepal & stamen with

its stigma its florid pis
til its socket of
of watt lite

houses the eye
shuttle’s blunt blade
coaxes through this eye

in disuse the floorboard
the daisy smoke

oiled in
consistent daisy can
cool a dog or a baby cam

the hateful pure daisy on
clotted cream “gives
herself away”

wind in my
mouth I think of
drawing indoors the

effusive screen the very
bad daisy for now
can’t hear me

list its trio of
speeds its one bright
acuity its wind and lum

inance from the ceiling
underlying the doily
that I am therefore

its tiring

Alyssa Perry's recent writing appears in The Canary, Denver Quarterly, Poetry Northwest, and Yalobusha Review. She is the assistant editor at Rescue Press and teaches creative writing in Cleveland.